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Alba Redondois much more than a top-level and highly successful soccer player, since it can be said that she is an activist in favor of the rights of those who do not have a voice, as well as the forward of Real Madrid and the Spanish women’s soccer team, triumphs with the ball and has become a reference for the visibility of the LGTBIQ+ collective, as well as dedicating the goals to her uncle, a soldier who died in the Yak-42 accident in 2003. The promotion to the elite of Sunrise It has not been easy and, probably, somewhat slower than that of other teammates, but her competitive reality makes her one of the most outstanding players in Spain Currently, being part of the Montse Tomé calls for the Spanish National Team.

In this article, we want to offer you all the interesting data and details about Alba Redondo, both for Real Madrid and football fans, and for sports lovers in general, highlighting her evolution and contribution to both her team and her country, from the respect and admiration for their achievements and efforts.

Profile of Alba Redondo

NAME AND SURNAMEAlba María Redondo Ferrer
BIRTHDAYAugust 27, 1996 (age 27 years)
PLACE OF BIRTHAlbacete, Spain
HEIGHT AND WEIGHT1.68 meters and 60 kilos
COUPLECristina Monleón
ACTUAL TEAMreal Madrid

Alba Redondo, her family

Alba Redondo was born on August 27, 1996 in Albacete, like her idol Andrés Iniesta, the city in which she lived since she was a child and until 2020, the year in which she signed for Levante F, taking a leap into her professional career in the soccer. Until that year, Alba had played for Fundación Albacete, a team in which she made a name for herself and where she improved to become one of the best forwards in Spain.

Alba Redondo has always relied, in the most complicated moments and also in the happiest, on her family, a fundamental pillar of her life. The player confesses that she continues to talk to them daily and especially with her father, with whom she maintains an extraordinary relationship, just as she shares her love for soccer.

Antonio Redondo, father of Alba Redondo, dreamed of his daughter scoring the goal that would give Spain the World Cup. He didn’t get it, but it didn’t matter too much to him, since both he, his wife, and the rest of his family lived the championship and the title like on a cloud, after seeing his daughter stand out in several of the matches. .

Alba Redondo, the meaning of her tattoo: her talisman

Alba Redondo has a talisman tattooed on her skin, and it has a very special meaning: Up with the hearts.
The international carries that phrase written on her skin in honor of her uncle, José Israel Ferrán Navarro, a soldier who died in the biggest accident of the Spanish army on May 27, 2003. At that time, the international soccer player was only seven years old, but that tragic event marked the life of one of Spain’s forwards. “Arriba los Corazones” sang Antonio Flores back in 1994 when, some time later, a young 27-year-old soldier used that phrase to sign every letter he sent to his family.

This same year, Alba and her brother decided to get tattoos of the phrase with which their uncle signed each letter from Afghanistan. In the last meeting with the Spanish Women’s National Team, the Albacete player kissed her arm after scoring the Spanish team’s first goal against Argentina. A gesture that she does very frequently after painting her skin with that booty phrase. Whenever Alba has scored a goal or celebrated the goal of one of her teammates, it has been seen how she kisses the tattoo on her forearm and points upward in reference to her uncle José.

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Alba Redondo, his partner

Alba Redondo is 26 years old and is a forward for Levante. Before dedicating herself to soccer, she was a gymnast. Her girlfriend’s name is Cristina Monleón, she is a university professor, physical trainer and massage therapist, who published images of the couple hugging and with their hands intertwined on her personal Instagram account.

In fact, both her brother Iván and his girlfriend, Cristina Monleón, were accompanying Alba in the last Women’s Soccer World Cup in Australia and New Zealand, supporting the forward during this incredible experience. The two of them were the two people who, as soon as the final finished, went down to the grass of the Stadium Australia, in Sydney, to celebrate with her the great sporting success of her career.

The couple is no stranger to public displays of affection, especially that kiss that happened during the World Cup, which has earned them the adoration of LGBTQ+ fans, and which is so much to the taste of the very current Agenda 2030, when Cristina Monleón He appeared in the stands to share a celebratory fieldside kiss with Redondo after Spain’s victory over Zambia, in which Alba scored two goals. Without a doubt, a beautiful and consolidated couple that, with their good harmony, has also contributed to making this World Cup a success for Spain.

Alba Redondo, sports career

Alba Redondo’s beginnings in soccer occurred at the age of six, after trying another sport, sports gymnastics, which did not suit the current Levante UD forward. A year after starting to play, her great qualities led her to join the ranks of Albacete, the main club in the city where she was born. At first, Alba played with boys on dirt fields, but some time later she was able to join the Fundación Albacete, a team in which she would remain until 2020, when Levante trusted her to lead their forward team.

The forward’s contract expired on June 30, and she has passed a medical examination with Real Madrid F, with whom she will sign the contract to join the white club for the next few years. Real Madrid’s interest goes back a long time. Even before she rolled the ball for the first time in the last World Cup. Levante star, regular with the team and top scorer in League F last season, the Albacete attacker is a guaranteed scoring profile.

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Alba Redondo and her return to the national team after injury

Alba Redondo underwent an MRI after being injured during the matchday 2 of League F. The tests carried out confirmed that the Albacete native has a grade 2 sprain in the external lateral ligament of her right ankle, which kept her outside of any call for the Spanish national team.

“I feel like a super competitive player and I want to be in all the calls. But the reality is that I was not at my best, I was aware of it. I could only come back if I gave my best version. I started taking small steps, I didn’t look long term because it frustrated me. Short objectives, I took it very patiently. It’s true that I don’t like being here…”

Alba told how she found out about her call from the coach Montse Tomé: “I was with my partner Cristina and we saw my name in the video of the list, some tears came out after those months of work. But above all, happiness and smiles, I deserved it after the hard work behind it.”

A real joy for a player who has put all her effort into enjoying the highest level that can be reached in women’s football: “I have worked hard. Wearing this shirt with the star was something she had kept inside.”

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