Arrested after suffocating his partner in Antequera (Málaga)

Arrested after suffocating his partner in Antequera (Málaga)

Miguel Ferrary

06/07/2024 at 20:56


Gender violence was once again present with all its brutality in the province of Malaga. A 50-year-old woman was murdered tonight on Saturday, at around 9:30 p.m., in Antequera by her 62-year-old partner, who was arrested shortly afterwards.

This event occurred last night in a scattered in the Vega de Antequera, in the area known as Partido Alto. It appears that the detainee suffocated his partner, of Cuban origin, to death. They had a 7-year-old son who appears to be in good health.

A neighbor tried unsuccessfully to revive the deceased. and, when the protocol was activated, the judicial authority observed signs of asphyxiation due to suffocation, although they are awaiting the autopsy report, which was carried out this Saturday, so the investigation remains open.


The Government delegate in Andalusia, Pedro Fernándezhas stated on the social network X that this is a “tragic week” in this community and that “it is terrible”, in reference to the incident in Antequera, and has conveyed his “support” to the victim’s family.

Next week, Fernández will call a meeting at the Government Delegation of the provincial units on violence against women to analyse the situation in the community and specifically and in detail the sexist murders in Andalusia.

The Andalusian Minister for Social Inclusion, Youth, Families and Equality, Loles López, has also expressed her support for the family, stating on the social network X that “As a society, we must firmly reject and remain united in the face of this violence that causes so much pain.”

The mayor of the town, Manuel Barónhas also reported on the social network X about the incident that occurred on Friday night in Vega de Antequera and has specified that “everything points to a motive of violence against women.”

The Government’s deputy delegate in Malaga, Javier Salas, He has pointed out that, if confirmed as gender-based violence, would be the fifth woman murdered for this reason in the province of Malaga so far this year.

If the sexist nature of this murder is confirmed, the number of women killed by sexist crimes so far this year would rise to 20, already 1,265 since 2003, when the statistical count began. The number of minors killed by vicarious violence would be 15 since last January.

This woman represents the Fifth death due to gender violence in the province of Malaga since the beginning of the year, which has been especially hard in the province of Malaga, as it has accumulated five of the six cases registered in Andalusia, which at national level amount to 20.

Attention to victims of gender-based violence

016 is available to help all victims of gender-based violence 24 hours a day and in 53 different languages. The same can be said for the email address [email protected]. Assistance is also provided via WhatsApp through the number 600000016. Minors can call the ANAR Foundation at 900 20 20 10.

In an emergency situation, you can call 112. You can also call the National Police (091) and Civil Guard (062). If you cannot call, you can use the ALERTCOPS application, which sends an alert signal to the Police with geolocation.

Other murders in Malaga

The cases that occurred in Malaga They began with the murder of Ana Z. in Torre del Mar, on January 15, in which her murderer was found dead after committing suicide. March 18th Grace49 years old, was shot dead by her ex-partner in Pizarra and committed suicide with the same weapon moments later.

April 6th A case of gender violence was experienced again, this time involving Two American tourists who were in a tourist residence in Malaga capitalThere, Bianca, 43, who normally lived in Valencia, was murdered by her husband, 50, who lived in the USA and had travelled to Malaga to meet her.

A few days ago, on June 28, Petri, 76 years old, was murdered in Fuengirola, strangled by her husbandAntonio, who unsuccessfully attempted suicide and was arrested.

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