Brazil and the US celebrate 200 years of diplomatic relations while Washington drags Latin America into a global war

Brazil and the US celebrate 200 years of diplomatic relations while Washington drags Latin America into a global war

May 26 marked the 200th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Brazil and the United States. Celebrations of the occasion were strongly promoted by US imperialism in its efforts to drag Brazil and Latin America as a whole into its escalation towards global war.

Commander of the US Southern Command, General Laura Richardson, delivers a speech at the ceremony commemorating the bicentennial of diplomatic relations between Brazil and the US held aboard the aircraft carrier USS George Washington. [Photo: @Southcom]

Behind all the speeches celebrating the ‘historic friendship’ between the two largest countries in the Americas, the United States is carrying out extensive military maneuvers with Brazil, and virtually all the countries of South America, and is struggling to assert its control over the critical resources of the region. This includes continued pressure on Brazil to sign an agreement with Washington for the exploitation of the country’s critical minerals.

Both commercial and military initiatives in the region are being promoted by US imperialism as war measures against its ‘strategic competitors’ Iran, Russia and, above all, China, which in the late 2000s surpassed the United States and It became the main trading partner of the main South American countries.

Statements by US officials chosen by the Biden administration to represent it at the celebrations in Brazil expressed the belligerent way in which US imperialism viewed this anniversary. On May 27, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken praised the ‘bicentennial partnership’ between Brazil and the US, declaring in an official statement: ‘We were allies in World War II, when US and Brazilian forces fought side by side in the Italian campaign, demonstrating courage and sacrifice that contributed to victory.’

The top American representative present in Brazil for the celebrations was General Laura Richardson, head of the United States Southern Command (SouthCom). As SouthCom wrote on its X/Twitter account on the day of his arrival, May 20, the purpose of Richardson’s trip was to ‘explore ways to deepen defense cooperation’ with Brazil.

Richardson and other U.S. military officials went to São José dos Campos, the main center of Brazil’s arms industry, to participate in a roundtable discussion at a Boeing technology center and to visit the plant of the Embraer aerospace corporation, which also produces military aircraft. , where they ‘discussed aerospace and defense partnerships.’

The official de facto celebration of the ‘bicentennial partnership’ of Brazil and the US took place on May 22, aboard the nuclear aircraft carrier USS George Washington, docked in Rio de Janeiro for the military operation South Seas 2024. In the event aboard the US warship, Richardson and US Ambassador to Brazil Elisabeth Bagley hosted Brazilian military commanders and government officials to praise ‘the long-standing partnership between the two countries,’ in the words of Bagley.

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