In 2531, Japanese people could all have the same last name because of a rule imposed on married couples

In 500 years, all Japanese people could be called “Sato-san”.
Bloomberg/Bloomberg via Getty Images In 500 years, all Japanese people could be called “Sato-san”.

Bloomberg/Bloomberg via Getty Images

In 500 years, all Japanese people could be called “Sato-san”.

INTERNATIONAL – A single surname for all of Japan? This is what a study carried out by the Tohoku University research center predicts. Led by economics professor Hiroshi Yoshida, it demonstrated that in 500 years, all Japanese people will have the same last name. The entire population of the country could share the name of “Sato”if the government does not put an end to the unique name system. In Japan, married couples are required by law to have the same last name.

The Japanese Civil Code dating from the 19th century, the simulation relayed by International mail was made to show the abuses of this law still in force. Feminist activists continue to denounce this law which forces them, in the majority of cases, to give up their name in favor of that of their husband. During International Women's Rights Day, twelve of them filed complaints, reveals West France.

Japan's population under threat

Hiroshi Yoshida said in the newspaper Mainichi “If everyone becomes Sato, we might have to call each other by our first names or by numbers. I don't think it would be a good world to live in.” relay The Parisian. Despite the protest movements it faces, the government refuses to modify the law so as not to “undermining family unity” and cause “confusion in children” informed The Guardian.

Currently, the name “ Sato » is the most common in Japan ahead of “Suzuki”. Professor Yoshida warns of the consequences that this could have on the cultural heritage of each family. “Considering that a surname has a family history and is also a cultural symbol, its loss would mean that the history of the surname would also cease to exist”he declared in a press release relayed by The Japan Times.

Through another simulation, we see that the phenomenon could be delayed (but not avoided) by 750 years. Especially since another sword of Damocles threatens Japan, the extinction of its population. Indeed, the study relayed by the Japan Times, also warned about the drop in the birth rate which is hitting the country. According to a study by the National Institute for Population and Social Security Research, the population of Japan could be reduced to 281,866 people in 2531 and 22 people in 3310.

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