Julie Andrieu in a relationship for 15 years with Stéphane Delajoux: “It’s not always easy…”

Next Saturday, April 13, Julie Andrieu will be back on the air in the show Julie's vegetable gardensbroadcast on France 3 at 3:35 p.m. To promote her program, the 50-year-old television host agreed to answer exclusively questions from Tele-Leisure. During the interview, which was published this Monday, April 1, the famous gastronomic critic returned to many personal subjects, including her relationship with her companion, Stéphane Delajoux. In a relationship for almost fifteen years, Julie Andrieu revealed that she found love with a tolerant, patient, calm man who knew how to adapt to her particularly turbulent lifestyle. “It’s not always easy to follow me. I impose my own pace, I go in all directions, I do a thousand things at once, so it’s always a bit of a mess,” she declared.

Despite everything, the two lovebirds seem to have found the secret to longevity. “When you have someone opposite who loves this life and who doesn't lecture you, doesn't try to make you fit into a framework, it's a real secret of harmony”, she assured Tele-Leisuremore fulfilled than ever. “I hope to be the reciprocal of that. It’s kindness, tolerance. We try not to get stuck in routine,” she continued, specifying that her companion was particularly attentive to her: “He tells me that I am more beautiful than ever, that I am much more beautiful when I am older than I was when I was younger. I don't know if he really means that, but it's very nice to hear. I take it at face value!”

Julie Andrieu, cash on her role as a mother: “I have lunch at home with my children”

Madly in love with each other, Julie Andrieu and Stéphane Delajoux made their love a reality by welcoming two children: a boy named Hadrien, born in October 2012, and a girl named Gaïa, born in December 2015. During the exchange with Tele-Leisurethe television host revealed that she sometimes had difficulty reconciling her family life with her work schedule. “I work quite a bit at night. But fortunately my husband plays along and the children are used to it. I work from home, in my kitchen. It can be disruptive because there is no barrier between time private and professional time”, she regretted, specifying that she had defined certain specific times of the day to devote them to her offspring. “Every year, we go on a trip. And at least three times a week, I have lunch at home with my children. I give myself precious time like that,” she concluded.

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