Kylian Mbappé and Vinicius Junior, the Real Madrid couple destined to mark an era

Kylian Mbappé and Vinicius Junior, the Real Madrid couple destined to mark an era

Kylian Mbappé will play next season, and the following ones, in the real Madrid. The end to an eternal soap opera that has led to the white team bringing together in its squad the two players that any club would choose in the first picks of a hypothetical fantasy draft. The management of the couple formed by Vincius Junior and Kylian Mbappé represents the arrival of the new world.

In this way, Real Madrid reacts to achieving its fifteenth European Cup acquiring the services of the most sought-after player on the planet, as the perfect graphic example of his endless ambition.

Upon his arrival in the capital of Spain, the French star will meet two people who will mark his adaptation to his new club: Vinicius Junior and Carlo Ancelotti.

Although talent always makes its way, and two such good players are destined to understand each other, on paper the feedback between brazilian and french It doesn’t seem as simple as it could be. Both are players who like to participate in the same areas, who seek clarification by receiving wide players, who play at a similar speed and who become the offensive epicenter of their teams.

The last season has seen an evolution of Vinicius as dazzling as it is powerful, and the fact is that the ‘7’ of Real Madrid has stopped being a player who only received on the wing and had the beginning and end of his game in the change of pace. , to be a much more global footballer, acting as forward, participating at different heights and mixing different rhythms. A change, promoted from the bench by Ancelotti, that provokes optimism in the white house regarding how the star and new signing will work.

Vinicius is one of the best players in the worldEFE

We must not overlook either that Real Madrid loses this summer to Toni Kroos, one of the best midfielders of the century and one of the keys behind the club’s successful season. If something has characterized Real Madrid Florentino Perezof the last decade, the one that has won six European Cups in 11 years, is that the players who leave, no matter how good they are, are not replaced by going to the market looking for ‘a similar card’, but rather the model is changed game adapting to what is in the squad.

That is, Real Madrid did not react to the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo looking for another insatiable goalscorer, but instead trusted and increased the powers of an omnipresent Karim Benzema; the march of Sergio Ramos It was not alleviated by the hiring of another central defender with total influence with the ball to temper the spirits of the games, but rather they opted for Eder Militao and powerhouses with great power in duels. And Benzema’s recent goodbye was responded to with the already mentioned global version of Vinicius and a zoom in Jude Bellingham to the area to have scoring power.

The recent Champions League, which once again crowned Real Madrid, has been a good example of the hierarchical and structural change that the white team has undergone in recent years. Both in the return match against Bayern Munich in the semi-finals as against Dortmund In the final at Wembley, Real Madrid were being surpassed, whether on the scoreboard or on a sensitive level.

Years ago, I solved these situations by kneading the ball, hiding it and ensuring that nothing happened, but faced with the loss of players who give you that control (Ramos, Modric, Marcelo, Benzema) what Madrid has now found is in Vinicius the ideal player to modify dynamics and change momentums of the meetings. Against the two German teams, by opening wide, establishing themselves as a reference point to go to, and dribbling to gain meters, the mood of the matches changed. Therefore, it can be said that Kroos’ replacement in the white squad, despite his obvious differences as players, could be Vinicius. When everything shakes, when everything is chaos, they grab the match by the horns.

And the Brazilian’s replacement could be Kylian. Many arguments have been said about Mbappé, who leaves the French league at the age of 25, without any Champions League under his arm, that are nothing more than fallacies, such as that he loses impact in small spaces, that he has not evolved in all these years in the French capital and who is a player of a single gear.

Kylian Mbappé does not run to arrive as soon as possible, he runs to arrive when he wants

Mbappé is a player who unbalances, at a historical level, like few others have done. He is a very fast player, unstoppable in transition, who makes very good use of his body and speed. He stands out in a prodigious way, being able to catch the opponent’s back and find finishing situations even if everyone knows what he is going to do, even if he is expected beforehand. He has privileged technical and tactical foundations, everything he does on the pitch is within the football manuals: moving on his team’s blind side, attacking the near post or starting movements to catch him unexpectedly. Furthermore, his supersonic speed allows him to chain actions at a devilish speed, a quality that he does not find equal in any other player on the planet.

Being so agile and fast in his movements, one could fall into the presumption that his game is almost unilaterally marked by his speed, which characterizes all his actions on the court. But, and here he shares a particularity with his new partner Vinicius, Mbappé plays the pause a very valuable argument in his game. He doesn’t run to arrive as soon as possible, he runs to arrive when he wants.

His change of pace is lethal, unstoppable, but he constantly rounds it off thanks to his body position and reading of the play as soon as he surpasses his peer, which allows him to automatically eliminate his rival from the play, without the possibility of regaining ground. He annihilates any defensive system that gets in his way.

Nor should it fail to emphasize its impressive scoring abilitywhich makes him, in this nostalgic now of the figures of Messi and Cristiano, in one of the great face-to-door values ​​that the world of football has. He has surgical precision in hand-to-hand combat with the goalkeeper and masters all body positions to adjust the shot to any angle of the goal.

Vinicius and Mbappé will be teammates starting next season

His union with Vinicius will be characterized by mobilityboth being capable of occupying the wing, playing inside and combining in small spaces at high speeds, and it will be seen if Ancelotti accommodates them in any of the schemes he has used this year: a 4-3-1-2 with the two up front, a 4-3-3 with one up and the other open, or a 4-4-2 where they could occupy both the forward position and one move to the wing.

He Bernabeu He is going to bring together the two players for whom any club would sacrifice several of its own. And Kylian, hungry for glory, will revitalize a locker room overflowing with titles. The world of football is once again threatened by a couple capable of putting the foundations of everything known in check. Kylian Mbappé and Vinicius now only have one goal in their heads: transcend.

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