Milei’s roar in Madrid does not hide an agenda of marginal relationships

Milei's roar in Madrid does not hide an agenda of marginal relationships

Javier Milei transcends borders due to its outbursts, its crazy proposals, the cut of a third of the purchasing power of pensions in just one quarter or the liberal propaganda machinery that praises the reduction of inflation from the peak of 25% monthly generated by the devaluation implemented by the ultra itself last December. They are postcards of the Milei “phenomenon,” which embarrasses some, makes others laugh, and attracts others, the extremists, as a way to defeat the left.

In a weekend of noise, Spain was able to see up close, without the cuts imposed by distance, the skills and praxis of the far-right who governs Argentina. No longer fragments to be illuminated according to each person’s preference, but a complete scene.

For Milei, the noise caused in Madrid is another episode of what he usually proclaims on his networks as “NEIGHBORHOOD PHENOMENON”, thus, in capital letters, as an ironic resource to graph what represents a dazzling international projection. A pollster once said that the panelist launched to the Presidency was a “neighborhood phenomenon”, as a synonym for endogenous, without further scope. This, for an ego in trouble, constituted a “dirty and ruthless attack” which must be repaired for life.

It is appropriate to measure the size of Milei in Madrid based on the agenda displayed.

The Europa Viva 24 congress organized by the far-right party Vox took place within the framework of the start of the campaign for the elections to the European Parliament, which will take place on June 9.

It is true that Milei, with his histrionics, the personal grievance against Pedro Sanchez and his anti-communist phobias, he stole the stage, to the point of overshadowing the host, Santiago Abascal, leader of Vox. As well as other guests at the meeting, such as the French Marine Le Pen and the Chilean José Antonio Kastare today opposition leaders in their respective countries, therefore, they are one step lower than the Argentine, who governs.

The Italian Giorgia Meloni He could have competed with the South American ultra in the attraction of the spotlight, although he braked in time. His presence at the Vistalegre Palace was taken for granted, but two days before he announced that he would send a video. The President of the Council of Ministers is in the process of being admitted to the great league of European conservatives, so a photo with a president from the extreme South who insults, celebrates the massacre in Gaza and promotes the extinction of the State was not the more convenient in the weeks before the European elections. Meloni competes for the entire conservative vote in Italy, not just for the fringe of fascism deniers that he originally represented.

Meloni competes for the entire conservative vote in Italy, not only for the margin of deniers of fascism that he represented in its origins

Milei attracts the global far-right due to its success at the polls, but the agenda is not entirely comparable in different latitudes. Vox, for example, is ultra-liberal economically, but it views with a distance the minarchism, extinguisher of the State, that the Argentine President claims to promote. Abascal’s party longs for a vigilant State, to some degree compassionate towards the “true Spaniards” and hostile to immigrants. Milei, on the other hand, pays less attention to the fight against foreigners—in fact, his popularity is no less among Latin American immigrants in Argentina—and, except with regard to abortion, he is not obsessed like Abascal with the banners of Catholic fundamentalism.. To compensate for his lack of interest in the fight against equal marriage and gender identity, the leader of La Libertad Avanza gave Europa Viva 24 the presence of his Secretary of Worship, Francisco Sancheza Lefebvrist ultramontane imported from the PRO of Mauricio Macri.

Outside of the applause at the Vistalegre Palace and the claque of the Vox networks, Milei’s stay in Madrid must be classified as a failure in its terms.

The agenda was emptied

Facts. Already in Spain, Milei announced that she would meet with the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Diaz Ayuso. She is the maximum reference of the hard line of the Popular Party (PP), pampered by the exuberant conservative press in Spain.

Díaz Ayuso usually targets the so-called progressive “political correctness”, a strategy that has borne fruit in his silent dispute against the general secretary of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo. The game pushes the head of the Spanish opposition to overact extreme positions that are not supposed to suit his nature. Along these lines, Diaz Ayuso welcomed Milei a while ago and followed the same conceptual line against the “social justice” as an artificial egalitarianism of the left.

This time, perhaps for reasons similar to those of Meloni, Díaz Ayuso deprived Milei of a selfie to be published under the label “neighborhood phenomenon.” There was also no occasion for an appointment with Núñez Feijóo, which had been considered by the Argentine President as an attempt.

Pedro Sánchez is recognized even by his critics for his ability to fence on the ledge and take advantage of critical situations. There are reasons to intuit that the Spanish socialist leader, in view of Milei’s tendency to overreact, set the table for him, knowing that Milei would break the glassware.

The head of the Spanish Government alluded to Milei in a speech in Barcelona, ​​on Friday, as the reference of the “far-right international that hates everything” which “we represent as a society”. The Argentine, who extinguishes matches with gasoline, took the step and offended Sánchez. A head of state crudely attacking his counterpart from the country he is visiting crosses the line of what is admissible in international relations. Without room for anything else, Díaz Ayuso and Núñez Feijóo distanced themselves from the hyperbole of the uncomfortable visitor, whom they placed on the same plane as Sánchez, the worst place in his imagination.

From the male photo to rejection

“Fabulous” It was the Saturday morning meeting with the men of large Spanish companies, in Milei’s narrative. Again, a misstep. Antonio Garamendi, president of the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations (CEOE), rejected “These statements are deeply out of touch”. Telefónica, Abertis, Santander, Naturgy, Iberia and BBVA, eager for Saturday’s male photo, added an unprecedented repudiation against an Argentine president who calls himself pro-market.

We would have to go back to the fight Nestor Kirchner with the CEOE in 2003, when the Peronist president resisted pressure to dollarize rates, or the expropriation of YPF from Repsol, in 2012, to find the nomenclature of big Spanish capital in a unanimous position of criticism of an Argentine Government. At the end of the day, the recovery of YPF after the ruinous management of Repsol gave meaning to a confrontation, and even so it did not reach the decibels that it reached on this occasion due to the gratuitous diatribes of an ultra.

The Spanish press once again focused its attention on the numerous plagiarisms that the Argentine president incurred in his bibliographical work.

Milei believes that he is a great disseminator of ideas and poses as an intellectual. The presentation of a book published by Planeta was another reason for the trip to Madrid, and led to a public interview in the newspaper The reason, property of that publishing house. Another bad step. The Deusto label, from Planeta, had to withdraw the copies already distributed of The Libertarian Path due to false information on the flap of the work. Milei sinned, for taking credit for studies that she did not complete, or the publisher, for not even taking care of the author’s mini-biography, or both. Thus, the Spanish press once again focused its attention on the numerous plagiarisms that the Argentine president incurred in his bibliographical work.

Netanyahu’s friend

The relationship with Brazil, Argentina’s main strategic partner, did not deteriorate as much as with Spain or Colombia (“Gustavo Petro “He is a murderous terrorist”) simply because Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (“wild lefty supporting dictators, guys who violate human rights, autocrats with blood on their hands”) he did not want. The same thing happens with the Government of China, defenestrated as “communist dictatorship”. Diplomatic relations with both countries, main trading partners, remain on a formal level, contrary to the strategic coldness of Beijing and Brasilia, each in their own way, to address a crucial agenda for Buenos Aires, most especially, the recovery of reserves. of its Central Bank.

Milei has left Benjamin Netanyahu.

It would be commendable if the Israeli prime minister did not have an arrest warrant issued by the International Criminal Court for the alleged crimes against humanity that have already claimed the lives of 35,000 Palestinians in Gaza.. Milei’s excess over Gaza is such, denying even the term “excesses”that his position was more inhuman than even that of donald trumphis admired reference, who allowed himself to ask that “they stop killing people.”

The Argentine State spends miles on photos of Milei with Trump, or with Elon Musk, or in pseudo-academic and pseudo-humanitarian meetings with the Jewish right in the United States. In June he has another second-rate appointment in Madrid at the Juan de Mariana Institute. She will receive an award worth as much as an honorary doctorate at the Higher School of Economics and Business Administration, a private university created by Alberto Benegas Lynch Jr., “the greatest hero of the ideas of freedom” that proposes privatizing seas and whales.

In six months in the Government, Milei did not set foot in any Latin American country, nor did he receive any relevant visitor, except the US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, who spent hours in Buenos Aires as part of a regional tour. A scale of Laura Richardson to a base in Tierra del Fuego made the Argentine president arrive almost at midnight in the southern province, dressed in a ridiculous fatigues uniform. That was one of three short-lived visits to the provinces made by Milei since December.

Perhaps the description of a “neighborhood phenomenon” taken literally is too big for Milei. He is a prophet on the ultra block, but as soon as he turns the corner, his neighbors on the right do not seem very enthusiastic about his presence. Abascal, the bearer of a different violence but similar to that of Milei, is fascinated by it. The person himself, his ideas, or the fact that he has achieved the victory that eludes the Vox leader?

The ineffable International Monetary Fund and certain voices on Wall Street (less than they seem) show their enthusiasm for the possibility of seeing the maximalist recipe crowned in the country designated as the most unruly, in which the trial they promote failed so many times.

If the social and economic debacle of Milei’s first months in the Casa Rosada becomes the definitive seal of his Government, the world of finance will be the first to abandon ship, and the ultra will be alone in front of Abascal’s mirror, the false Planeta lapel and the Juan de Mariana award.


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