The 27 best romantic and love movies to watch as a couple (and where to find them all)

The 27 best romantic and love movies to watch as a couple (and where to find them all)

This weekend we stay home to enjoy the best movies and fall in love once again

“What do I see on TV today?” I can’t remember the number of times I ask myself this and the result is almost always the same: 20 minutes of searching, a little boredom and a person watching Instagram with the TV on and without actually seeing anything. With the number of streaming platforms and content on them, it is difficult to choose what to watch, even more so if more and more are added.

Horror movies, thrillers, science fiction… or one of our favorite genres: romantic and love films. Curling up next to our loved one on the couch, or enjoying a romantic movie alone is a great plan.

That is why we have looked for a selection of romantic movies, some of them are the best romantic movies of all time according to experts. But don’t worry, there are also options for those who don’t like the most classic romantic movies too much.

Dirty Dancing (1987)

We could have chosen countless movies from the 80s that we would watch right now, but we wanted to choose one that was a summer love and an icon of feminism. This musical about a young girl and her dance teacher is one of our favorite movies ever.

You can watch ‘Dirty Dancing for rent on Prime Video.

Trapped in Time (1993)

With more than 25 years behind him, Caught in time It remains one of the best films that take place in one day in the history of cinema. Bill Murray gets trapped in Groundhog Day that he has to repeat over and over again while he forges a beautiful love story with Andy McDowell. An unrepeatable comedy.

You can see ‘Trapped in time for rent on Prime Video.

Point Blank Love (1996)

The story of Clarence and Alabama is one of the greatest love stories ever filmed according to experts. Created by Quentin Tarantino and with a luxury cast, Tony Scott’s film starring Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette It is a violent madness of love that breaks with the canons of romantic films.

You can see ‘Love at close range on Amazon Prime Video and Filmin.

Titanic (1997)

It is a masterpiece and one of James Cameron’s best films to date. With Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet as protagonists, Titanic It became an epic love story within the most famous ship in the world. A spectacular staging that became the best film according to the Oscar Awards.

You can see ‘Titanic on Disney+.

10 Reasons to Hate You (1999)

The adolescent genre cannot be missing from a list of films that we make at Trendencias. Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles star in this tender high school story Based on William Shakespeare’s comedy ‘The Taming of the Shrew’.

You can watch ’10 Reasons to Hate You’ on Disney+.

Notting Hill (1999)

You couldn’t miss what is one of the best romantic comedies in history, in which Julia Roberts plays a famous actress and Hugh Grant plays a shy bookseller. A classic love story between two worlds, with humor that makes it our favorite of both.

You can watch ‘Notting Hill’ on Filmin.

The Cider House Rules (2000)

A film that won two Oscars – for Michael Caine, for best supporting actor, and for John Irving, for best adapted screenplay – this sentimental story about an orphan looking for his way in life and discover love and sex does not leave anyone unmoved.

You can watch ‘The Cider House Rules’ on Prime Video (for rent) and on Movistar+.

Blue Valentine (2010)

‘Blue Valentine’ is a love story like all love stories, with its ups and downs, its dramas, its good moments… It is raw and sincere. For six years we follow the story of a couple interpreted by Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams for whom everything seems to be going well, until things get complicated and they consider breaking up even though they love each other.

You can watch ‘Blue Valentine’ on Rakuten TV (for rental) and on Movistar+.

The Bright Side of Things (2012)

Pat (Bradley Cooper) is one of the protagonists of ‘The Bright Side of Things’ and suffers from bipolar disorder. In addition to losing her job and getting divorced, she has to live with her parents and admit what everyone seems to know, that his life is a failure. But something changes when a girl, played by Jennifer Lawrence, crosses his path.

You can watch ‘The Bright Side of Things’ on Prime Video.

Her (2013)

A different love always has a place in our list, and that of Joaquin Phoenix with Scarlett Johansson (or at least with her voice in the original version) could not be missing. Of unique beauty, the story of ‘Her’ answers the question of whether it is possible fall in love with artificial intelligence.

You can see ‘Her on Amazon Prime Video and Filmin.

Carol (2015)

We love it because, just like in the best women’s series, we have two wonderful female characters. This adaptation of a Patricia Highsmith novel in which, surprisingly, no one is killed, is a moving melodrama starring the brilliant Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara. A film directed by Todd Haynes and set in New York in the 1950s, which tells the story between a young shop assistant who dreams of a better life and an elegant and sophisticated woman who finds herself trapped in an unhappy marriage.

You can see ‘Carol on Prime Video and Filmin.

Blue Jay (2016)

A romantic and independent film about reunions, the new possibilities of love and second chances. Jim and Amanda, who were a couple during high school, meet again after years without seeing each other in their hometown. A melancholic and sensitive story starring Sarah Paulson and Mark Duplass.

You can see ‘Blue Jay on Netflix.

La La Land (2016)

‘La la land’ was in 2016 as ‘The Bridgertons’ are in 2024. If you hadn’t seen it, you were a stinker of society. Everyone was talking about this musical in which the love between Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone is the common thread and it won five Oscars, six Golden Globes and many others that make it an extraordinary musical.

Can see ‘La La Land’ on Amazon Prime Video.

Your name (2017)

A true marvel of anime cinema and a critical and public success (in Japan it was the fourth most viewed film in the country). The story of the two protagonists of ‘Your name It is beautiful, exciting and quite magical. A boy and a girl, living very different lives in Japan, wake up one day to discover that they have swapped bodies.

You can see ‘Your Name on DVD.

Carry Pilby (2017)

Bel Powley plays Carry Pilby, the protagonist of this film. A bright young woman but with poor social skills determined to take a step further, get out of the bubble and meet new people or even have the odd date… A story about sex, relationships and, above all, about first love and based on Caren’s book Lissner ‘A Place for Carrie. Very funny and a very pleasant surprise if you don’t know her yet.

You can watch ‘Carry Pilby’ on Netflix.

The Shape of Water (2017)

No words are needed to love, and this science-fiction film directed by Guillermo del Toro is the best example. A wonderful story that won four Oscars, including Best Film and Best Director, and is, according to Espinof experts, one of the best love films of all time.

You can watch ‘The Shape of Water’ on Disney+.

Us in the Night (2017)

We always want to see Jane Fonda and Robert Redford in a movie together, and even more so if – as in this case – we are talking about quality romantic cinema. Addie and Louis are lifelong friends and neighbors and decide to start a relationship and give love a chance in adulthood. Based on the book of the same name by Kent Haruf, she is a little gem that Netflix hides.

You can watch ‘Us at Night’ on Netflix.

The Incredible Jessica James (2017)

get over a breakup it’s never easy, especially if it’s Valentine’s Day and everyone around you is paired up. But Jessica James is willing to get over her latest breakup, even if it means going on a blind date.

You can watch ‘The Incredible Jessica James’ on Netflix.

Call me by Your Name (2018)

Considered one of the best films of the last decade, it is also one of our favorites. The story of a summer in 1983 a 17-year-old young man and the discovery not only of love, but of sexuality.

You can see ‘Call me by Your Name for rent on Prime Video and on Netflix.

Cold War (2018)

We already told you that ‘Cold War’ was the best romantic film of 2018, and we maintain what we said. It is an auteur film of those that conquer critics (three Oscar nominations and a Goya for Best Foreign Film endorse this) and that uses the Cold War as the backdrop for an epic love.

Can watch ‘Cold War’ on Amazon Prime Video.

The first time we met (2018)

We can’t help but think of ‘The Time Traveler’s Wife’ (which now has a series on HBO Max) when we see the synopsis of this film: thanks to a magical photo booth that sends him to the past, Noah will relive the night he met Avery over and over again until I manage to make her fall in love.

You can watch ‘The First Time We Met’ on Netflix.

Annette (2021)

It became one of the best movies of 2021 and is a brilliant and raw love story. The indie and original touch that this list needed. Starring Adam Driver and Marion Cotillardin it we see how the relationship of the stand-up comedian Henry and Ann, a singer, changes with the birth of their first-born Annette, a mysterious girl with an exceptional destiny.

You can see ‘Annette’ on Filmin.

Malcolm & Marie (2021)

For those looking for intensity in love, careful photography and a film that is recreated in long shots full of depth, we have ‘Malcolm & Marie’. This film with Zendaya and John David Washington in which they are both brilliantis a Netflix original and one of the best things we will find on its platform if we talk about good love.

You can watch ‘Malcolm & Marie’ on Netflix.

Licorice Pizza (2022)

Cooper Hoffman (Philip Seymour’s son), Alana Haim and Bradley Cooper are the protagonists of this story of love, friendship and life. Added to its excellent cast is a great costume with which we travel to the 70s at the hands of its director Paul Thomas Anderson.

You can watch ‘Licorice Pizza’ for rent on Amazon Prime Video.

Dancing for life (2022)

When you least expect it, a film as good as this one comes into your hands, from an independent studio, which passed through Sundance with good reviews and with a brilliant Dakota Johnson. The merit on this occasion is Cooper Raiff who writes, directs, produces and stars in this fantasy which we highly recommend to you.

You can watch ‘Cha Cha Real Smooth (Dancing for Life)’ on Apple TV+.

Pride and prejudice

Starring Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfayden, this period film is the largest screen adaptation of Jane Austen’s classic. It received four Oscar nominations and we still dream of a declaration of love as beautiful as the one experienced by the protagonist in the film.

You can watch ‘Pride and Prejudice’ on Netflix and Filmin.

A star has been born

With eight Oscar nominations and one of the most beautiful performances in the history of the awards, this film was a critical and public success. Lady Gaga took the critics’ award, the original music got a BAFTA and the film, a remake of ‘A Star Is Born’ (1937), completely conquered us. A story of love and musicintense and wonderful.

You can watch ‘A Star is Born’ on Max.

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