The latest on AI in labor relations

In recent years, we have witnessed how Artificial Intelligence has been gaining ground in various sectors, transforming the way we work and relate in the professional field. And Labor Relations are not immune to this digital transformation that is shaping the future of work and that forces administrations to adapt rapidly to technological changes.

In ADiReLab 360 we have known the reality of technological evolution in Labor Relations and more specifically how it develops in sectors as different as automotive, security or labor inspections.

AI in labor relations

But before, Carlos de la Torrepartner of the Labor Area of Gómez-Acebo & Pombo and vice president of ADiReLabreviewed the latest news from the association, such as the recent conference at the CEOE on labor challenges in international mobility and the event scheduled for June to analyze the progress of social dialogue.

In addition, he highlighted a new negotiation table between the Government and social agents regarding the registration of working hours. «It seems that there is not going to be a legal imperative for a decree law and that there is a commitment to different sectoral tables to modulate the reduction of working hours depending on the sectors«he explained.

AI and Labor Relations in Antolin

Gago Areaglobal director International Labor Law & Mobility at Antolinhas stopped by the Human Resources Forum to explain how they take advantage of Artificial Intelligence inside the company «starting from the whole, from the product what we do, in what would be the vehicle, even in the production chain process and then directly into the relations with unions«.

Antolin has the program Smart Integrator to promote technological innovation. «To get to how a product is developed we have to analyze what machine is developing it and what can be made much more effective to relieve fatigue processes in employees through vision to the piece itself that is being generated»has summarized this corporate strategy.

area gago IA antolin

One of the projects is GENIUS, with which one pursues «understand the needs of the passenger and their emotional state, his emotional state. That is what you want to see, feel, hear and that is what this project is based on, Artificial Intelligence.

LabourTech, AI at the service of Labor Relations at Prosegur

In Prosegur They also have different new generation digital tools to improve their processes. Alberto Santosits director of Labor Relations and Vice President of ADiReLabhas presented LaborTech, “a file management tool« in which you work “the government of data” and has “very little craftsmanship.”

Regarding its operation, he has indicated that “I I enter the name in the file manager and it automatically shows all the rest of the information that is already within our system: city to which it belongs, work center where it is, client to which it is assigned, financial center to which it goes, its cost, etc.

Alberto Santos IA Prosegur

AI in labor inspections

Paloma UrgorriLabor and Social Security inspector in the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy and Vice President of ADiReLabhas been in charge of showing how advanced technology can be applied in its field.

Thus, in addition to being a selection criterion, it has been used in campaign planning through the anti-fraud tool, «a system that we have to cross-check data that is available for inspection by various administrations, especially the databases of the General Treasury of Social Security. And with that, and with some selection criteria, the integration campaigns for people with disabilities, the equality plan control campaign, discontinuous permanent contracts campaigns, temporary hiring campaigns, etc. are selected.

paloma urgorri ia labor inspections

Regarding the legal risks that may be implied by an algorithm managing an algorithm without human intervention, Urgorri recognized “some controversy” regarding automated minutes. «But it seems that the regulations have already been made and developed. The operation is still a bit lacking, but it could be done., he pointed out. However, he stressed that there are many other tasks within the inspection that require human intervention.

In addition, he has assured that there is an Artificial Intelligence regulation that states that its use must be based “in transparency, in predictability, in knowledge of the algorithm and the administration cannot be left out of that.”

Gathering on AI in labor relations

European Artificial Intelligence Regulation

Carlos de la Torre has offered the three main keys to the Artificial Intelligence Regulation approved by the European Parliament, a regulatory text “quite dense”: he «risk approach», “the legal guarantees of those activities that are included as high risk” and «the system of responsibilities regarding the risk approach».

Regarding prohibitions, it has identified «the use of Artificial Intelligence to control emotions in the workplace” and “occupational biometrics linked to the categorization of people by sensitivities.”

Carlos de la Torre artificial intelligence regulations

In terms of Human Resources, you have mentioned some areas of “high risk”: Selection, hiring, recruitment of candidates, evaluation of candidates, management of employment decisions related to performance, remuneration and dismissals.

On the other hand, he has pointed out that this regulation is interconnected with the European Data Protection Regulation because “Artificial Intelligence breathes data, algorithms have data and the key is to avoid discrimination and bias in the data.”

Learn in detail about all the contents of the program dedicated to AI in Labor Relations in the Human Resources Forum podcast:

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