the origin of their love at first sight

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Eric Cantona and Rachida Brakni as a couple: the origin of their love at first sight


The general public doesn't know much about the couple formed by Rachida Brakni and Eric Cantona, star of Anonymous Brigade on M6. And for good reason: the two actors are keen to preserve their bubble of love from the spotlight.

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With his legendary banter, Eric Cantona has hit the headlines more than once with unfiltered statements and an attitude sometimes considered insolent. But that doesn't stop him from continuing his thriving career in front of the cameras. He is currently the star of the M6 ​​series, Anonymous Brigade. On the private side, the ex-footballer is a man in love with the woman of his life: Rachida Brakni.

How Did Eric Cantona and Rachida Brakni meet?

In 2002, Rachida Brakni was already the talented actress we know, crowned with a César for Most Promising Actress for her role in Coline Serreau's film, Chaos. Éric Cantona, for his part, has hung up his boots after years of making football history. Their paths then cross on the set of the film The Overeater by Thierry Binisti. Supposed to respond to each other on screen, Rachida Brakni and Eric Cantona fall for each other behind the scenes. “Éric was in front of a mirror, doing his makeup. I didn't see his look directly, I saw it in the mirror. And he also saw me in the mirror. Something happened past. An explosion. If we met, it's not by chance” told the actress in the columns of the magazine She.

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A family united around the same passions

After a marriage in 2007 and the birth of two children – Émir and Selma in 2009 and 2013 – Rachida Brakni and Eric Cantona set sail for Portugal for a daily life far from the gray Parisian life. It must be said that the two actors have the same love for the sun, both having Mediterranean roots. The actress is of Algerian origin, the ex-footballer grew up in an Italian and Spanish family. Added to this is a passion for cinema and comedy. Rachida Brakni and Eric Cantona have already responded in the France 3 series, The traveler. Two lovers united in the city as well as on stage!

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