Two couples face to face and a tasty comedy

and maybe more
“And more if affinities”: Sophie (Isabelle Carré, left) and Xavier (Bernard Campan, right) have invited their neighbors Alban (Pablo Pauly) and Adèle (Julia Faure) to dinner, a couple more liberated than theirs ( ©Julien Panié/Wild Bunch).

Cinema release. He won four awards at the Alpe d'Huez Comedy Film Festival last January: Special Jury Prize, Audience Prize and double prize for male and female performance. Two couples are face to face in the film ” And maybe more ” (on screens this Wednesday April 3), tasty comedy which does not refrain from its bittersweet, even grating, tone.

Worn out by 25 years of living together, the couple formed by Xavier and Sophie (Bernard Campan and Isabelle Carré) seem out of breath. He is a music teacher, she runs a real estate agency, they have a big tired dog and a 20-year-old daughter who studies in England and comes to see them every other weekend.

They live in a five-story building and, that evening, invited their neighbors upstairs, younger than them, to dinner: Alban (Pablo Pauly), an airline pilot, and Adèle (Julia Faure), an animal behaviorist psychologist, together for two years.


Xavier, embittered and stuck, intends to tell their guests about the main criticism he makes of them: their lack of discretion at night when they make love. On the contrary Sophie, out of politeness, does not want him to talk about it.

In fact, it was Alban and Adèle who were the first to broach the subject. This young, liberated and passionate couple, with unbridled morals, is not afraid: “We practice group sex,” admits Adèle. From there to suggest to Xavier and Sophie to try the experience…

Remake of a Spanish film

There are only four characters in ” And maybe more “A film behind closed doors that could resemble filmed theater. But it is not based on a play: it is the remake of a Spanish film, SENTIMENTALreleased in France in August 2021.

It is the second film by the director duo Olivier Ducray and Wilfried Meance, after TWINS BUT NOT TOO MUCH in 2021. Both adapted the original film in their own way, changing some things in the script and finding a different tone: “We thought the Spanish film was a little wise,” explains Wilfried Meance.


“The authors were undoubtedly afraid of vaudeville”, adds Olivier Ducray, “and even if we could fear the risk of filmed theater, we had to assume a part of vaudeville, while preserving the sincerity of the emotions. We could have taken a more school-like path, but that was not our intention.”

The dialogues have difficulty getting started, then become tense – particularly between the two men, who fight each other like two roosters, while the two women are more reasonable and measured. But we laugh a lot, the retorts flow, it soon turns into couples therapy, then the tone becomes at the end – after a surprise in the scenario – more serious, more serious, more touching.

Four very comfortable actors

Of course ” And maybe more ” remains a comedy, we never get bored in this compactly produced film (1h17) and carried by four very comfortable actors, with a special mention for Bernard Campan, deliciously pitiful in his role as a bitter old curmudgeon. “What is important to us above all is the characters and we did not want the situations to dominate the characters, at the risk of restricting the empathy of the spectators”, said Wilfried Meance.

We thus see the characters evolve little by little throughout the dinner, revealing themselves, in this atmosphere which is also not monotonous, as Julia Faure explains: “It’s a pure comedy where we feel that intimacy and emotion can arise.” And, it’s true, they arise.

Jean-Michel Comte

THE PHRASE :“Couples need to argue” (Adele)

  • To have : ” AND MAYBE MORE ” (France, 1h17). Director: Olivier Ducray and Wilfried Meance. With Isabelle Carré, Bernard Campan, Julia Faure (Release April 3, 2024)

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