Here are 7 reasons why you attract bad people!

Here are 7 reasons why you attract bad people!

Love is in itself the most beautiful thing that can happen to us. We all want to be with someone through thick and thin. Unfortunately, there are also personalities that are simply toxic. We’ll tell you here which 7 signs you can recognize and what you can do about it so that you no longer attract bad people into your life…

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What is a toxic relationship?

People who are in a toxic relationship hardly notice it at first. A toxic relationship is a relationship between two people, but either one or both of them physical or psychological suffering triggers. Often in such relationships there is a power structure and over time a dependency develops. Everyday relationship is often characterized by extremes. For example, follow on positive events unpredictable, sudden and negative emotions respectively Behaviors.

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7 signs of a toxic relationship

#1 Love Bombing

You will be treated to precious things by your sweetheart gifts, compliments and Attention almost overwhelmed? And that for no apparent reason? This is a strategy to wrap you around your finger. Toxic partners do this subtly. If you’ve ever been with a narcissist, this strategy might sound familiar. The aim is to convey to you that you are being carried in your hands. You should also get the impression that your partner is lovable and will do everything to make you happy. But: The whole thing happens Calculusbecause such people want to tie you to them and make you dependent.

#2 Mood swings

What you may not notice at the beginning of a relationship, you will notice at the very latest when it changes Mood situation your partner changes. What is striking is that this happens abruptly and tilts extremely. When you actually got to know your partner as a loving personality and suddenly it’s just criticism If there is hail, you might want to worry about whether it might be a toxic person.

#3 Manipulation

Toxic people are extremely good at manipulation. The blame for everything that goes wrong in the relationship and elsewhere lies with the other person. Because toxic people can’t admit to themselves that they sometimes make mistakes. They love it, that control about other people! And that’s exactly where the manipulation begins. For example, one method that toxic people use is silence for days.

#4 Power games

Most toxic people love Power games. And of course they have to have the upper hand. Control over others is the goal. They succeed in doing this very often. For example, they threaten to specifically achieve what they want. Anyone who has ever had to deal with toxic people can certainly give a few examples of this. Do sentences like: “I’ll take your children away from you” or “I’ll destroy your life” sound familiar? These are exactly the situations in which toxic people exercise their power and threaten extreme consequences.

#5 Withdrawal

Anyone who has ever been at the mercy of toxic people probably knows it: At times you even withdraw. Manipulation and power games cause behavioral uncertainty. Even social life can suffer as a result. In this spiral of toxicity, the partner usually wants stability and connection, which he or she does not get. For most people, withdrawing from social life seems to be the only correct conclusion.

#6 Physical violence

Unfortunately, a toxic relationship can even become physical Violence develop. Since there is no meeting on equal terms in this type of relationship, toxic people do not shy away from inflicting violence on their partner. This usually happens when you feel that verbal communication no longer “helps”. A 2023 study from Australia shows that 17 percent of respondents who have ever been in a relationship with a narcissist have been physically abused.

#7 Blaming yourself

Victims tend to blame themselves for domestic violence. This happens especially with people who are working on their own self-esteem doubt and are generally unsure. But that doesn’t always have to be the case. Toxic people are able to manipulate even self-confident people to such an extent that they also doubt themselves.

7 reasons why you attract bad people

#1 Low self-esteem/self-confidence

It sounds absurd, but toxic people are equipped with a “feeler”. He helps them choose the “right” people. Their scam works on insecure personalities with low self-esteem or self-confidence because they are an “easy” victim.

#2 You are too nice

The nicer you are, the more danger you may run into, exploited to become. This may sound harsh, but it is often the case. When toxic people notice that you will give in so as not to start a fight, then you more or less give them the opportunity to treat you as they see fit.

#3 You are too empathetic

They say “opposites attract,” but in this case that attraction is just plain unhealthy. If you can empathize with others and treat others empathetically, that is of course a great character trait. But: Toxic people will also abuse this positive quality for their own purposes. For example, you may find yourself in situations where you feel sorry for a narcissist, even though rationally there is no reason for it.

#4 You always want to fix things

It is difficult to break out of the clutches of these pathological personalities. If you’re always trying to fix things or situations, you’re a good fit Victim of these manipulative characters. Why? These people will give you the feeling that you will fix everything that they trample on anyway.

#5 You set no boundaries

In every relationship it is important to set boundaries. No matter whether it is a friendship or a romantic relationship. If you don’t set (personal) boundaries, you run the risk of being exploited, manipulated and treated toxically. Because let’s be honest: A toxic person will behave toxically for as long as YOU allow them to.

#6 You are disappointed in love

If you have experienced disappointment in your life, you may be more “vulnerable” to toxic relationships. In order to heal the pain from the past, it is most important to have a stable relationship. Here, too, difficult people have a kind of “gift” that helps them attract people who actually need a stable and happy relationship in order to have positive experiences in love.

#7 They see you as their hope for change

You won’t believe it, but attraction is also a possibility Self-improvement. Sounds paradoxical, right? In fact, toxic people are well aware that they need to change their behavior. Therefore, they primarily rely on people with a healthy lifestyle. But be careful: Unfortunately, this is no guarantee that these personalities will actually change for the better!

You should pay attention to these signs

#1 Recognize relationship patterns

If you notice in your relationship that you often have to get out of situations because they make you uncomfortable or lead to arguments, you should consider a few Relationship patterns keep in mind. If aggressiveness is the order of the day, this should give cause for thought. It is important that you recognize such patterns. If this is followed by the famous love bombing, it could be a sign that you are in an unhealthy relationship.

#2 See through manipulative technique(s).

Do certain behaviors of your partner seem familiar to you? Certain ones repeat themselves Behaviors? Then you should pay attention here too. These can be signs of the first manipulative techniques. If you have the feeling that you are changing (negatively) as a result of the relationship, then you run the risk of already being stuck in the spiral of manipulation.

#3 Take stock & look to the future

Become aware of who invests a lot in the relationship. Are you the person fighting for your love or is your partner also involved? If you have the feeling that your relationship only works because you give your all and your partner doesn’t, you should ask yourself whether the relationship even has a chance and makes you happy.

#4 Talk about it

It is important to talk to friends or family about the relationship. It may be that you can no longer judge the whole thing rationally. That’s why it’s important that you do outsiders explain and around Feedback please. It’s best to talk to someone you trust and have a good feeling about. Another option would be to speak to a therapist. Your conversation partner should, if possible, be a neutral person. This is the only way you can get a well-founded and honest opinion.

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#5 Deal with yourself

It is always important to take the time to reflect on yourself. Become aware of what you want and what you don’t. Ask yourself questions like “How do I behave in a relationship?”, “How does my partner behave?” or “What things are important to me?”. This method of reflection can help you correctly interpret signs and signals, pull the ripcord earlier and separate yourself.

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