Romantic honeymoon in Switzerland: 10 essential tips

Romantic honeymoon in Switzerland: 10 essential tips

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Traveling on the Glacier Express panoramic train, contemplating the Staubbachfall waterfall, discovering the blue Aletsch glacier… There are many things to enjoy on a honeymoon in Switzerland, a country with unique landscapes and the nature of the Alps.

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Lola Marquez

Lola Marquez

Updated April 26, 2024

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Honeymoon in Switzerland: Lauterbrunnen Valley

Honeymoon in Switzerland: Lauterbrunnen Valley

Organizing the wedding takes time, just as you will also need it when preparing the dream honeymoon trip. But before getting down to work, you have to make an important decision: choose the best destination for your honeymoon. And if you don’t feel like a “tropical” honeymoon or a long plane trip, Switzerland, in the heart of Europe, awaits you with its unique landscapes, its beautiful cities and the virgin nature of the Alps. Do you want to know everything there is to see (and do) in Switzerland? Don’t miss these 10 essential tips to live a honeymoon in Switzerland unforgettable!

1. Discover Montreux and Geneva

Honeymoon in Switzerland: Chillon Castle, located on the shores of Lake Geneva

They are two of the best places to visit in Switzerland. Montreuxthe city that Freddie Mercury fell in love with – which has its own statue in front of the lake – will welcome you with its bohemian atmosphere, ideal for music lovers – especially jazz – and with the perfect location to visit places precious, like the Chillon castle, of medieval origin. Thanks to the majesty of its construction and its wonderful and privileged location on the shores of Lake Geneva, you will enjoy an incredible landscape.

On the opposite side of Montreux is Geneva. Unforgettable hours await you there, cycling along the shores of Lake Geneva, where you can contemplate the Jet d’Eau fountain –one of the most famous monuments to see in Geneva–. But not the only one, because they are also waiting for you the Reformation Wall in the Parc des Bastions and the imposing San Pablo’s cathedral.

Walk hand in hand through its historic center of cobblestone streets and discover its historic fountains. And don’t miss the Palace of Nations, headquarters of the UN, the English Garden or the Jonction, the point where the waters of the Arve River and the Rhône River meet. More things to discover in Geneva during your honeymoon in Switzerland? Succumb to the charm of Carouge neighborhood and enjoy a romantic dinner at the Chez Boubier Café in Paris, for example.

2. Fall in love with the beautiful corners of Lausanne

Honeymoon in Switzerland: the city of Lausanne at night

You will fall in love with Lausanne from the first moment. And it is not surprising, since it is one of the most beautiful cities in the country and one of the ones that you should definitely include in your honeymoon in Switzerland: starting with the heart of the city, the San Francisco Squareand continuing for its beauty Cathedral Gothic, from whose towers you will see incredible views. But also taking into account such iconic places as the Saint Marie Castlehe Rumine Palace and the Palaud Squarewhich you will reach in just five minutes on foot from Plaza de San Francisco along the famous market stairs.

It is also essential that you take long walks along the shores of Lake Geneva – where you will find the Bourget Park – and that you visit a museum that is (almost) a mandatory stop if you visit Lausanne, especially if you are sports lovers: the Olympic Museum. And don’t forget that Lausanne is home to the headquarters of the IOC (International Olympic Committee). And a practical recommendation: wear comfortable shoes to move around the city, since it has numerous slopes.

3. Take a cruise on Lake Geneva

Honeymoon in Switzerland: boat sailing on Lake Leman

Whether from wonderful Geneva or idyllic Lausanne, do not hesitate to take a romantic walk along Lake Geneva –the largest inland lake in Central Europe–, during your honeymoon in Switzerland. A fantastic tour that will allow you to discover this country (or, at least, a piece of it) and in which you will be able to contemplate some of the beautiful landscapes of Switzerland.

4. Succumb to the charm of the Rhine Falls and Stein am Rhein

Honeymoon in Switzerland: famous Rhine Falls

Among the places to visit in Switzerland are the Rhine Falls, the largest waterfall in central Europe, which will surprise you with its deafening noise. If you want to discover them, a boat will take you from Schaffhausen to the castles or to the enormous rock located in the middle of the jump. And don’t miss a walk through it fairytale village of Stein am Rheina beautiful town located on the shores of Lake Constance, with its charming and colorful medieval houses.

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5. Visit lStaubbachfall and the Lauterbrunnen Valley

Honeymoon in Switzerland: Staubbachfall waterfall in the Lauterbrunnen Valley

The Staubbachfall waterfall, with almost 300 meters high, It is part of the 72 waterfalls in the Lauterbrunnen Valley and is located very close to other natural spectacles, such as the largest underground waterfalls in Europe, in Trümmelbachfälle. In summer, warm winds swirl the water of Staubbachfall causing it to spray, creating a beautiful image. It is one of the highest waterfalls in Europe and, without a doubt, it is another of the things you have to see during your honeymoon in Switzerland.

6. Tour the underground lake of St-Léonard

Honeymoon in Switzerland: underground lake of St-Léonard

More things to do in Switzerland? Of course! In the heart of the Rhône Valley, located between Sion and Sierre, is the largest underground lake in Europe. St-Léonard is, without a doubt, a natural wonder, 300 m long, which you can travel in a rowing boat. The curious nature of the place, together with its beauty, make it a pleasant visit. And most romantic!

7. Go toThe spectacular Aletsch glacier

Honeymoon in Switzerland: stunning images of the Aletsch Glacier

Aletsch is a gigantic glacier 23 kilometers long – the largest in the Alps – in the canton of Valais, which acquires a fascinating blue color unique in the world. It is worth taking a hiking route with a mountain guide to get closer and see its impressive crevices up close. You will be impressed by its great beauty!

8. Take a romantic trip on the Glacier Express

Honeymoon in Switzerland: Aerial View of the Glacier Express Train

It is another essential during your honeymoon in Switzerland. And it is one of the most spectacular trains in the world. With its panoramic windows up to the ceiling, it crosses 91 tunnels and 291 bridges for 8 hours and, in its 291 km of route, offers magnificent views of the Swiss high mountain landscapes. You are sure to get some truly unique photos of Switzerland!

On the Glacier Express you can enjoy a romantic lunch with champagne in its retro restaurant car. The train links St. Moritz to Zermatt, which also has wonderful aerial funiculars. From there you can see the Matterhorn, possibly the most famous mountain in the Swiss Alps, since it is above the city.

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9. Savor a cheese fondue or raclette in Gruyères

Honeymoon in Switzerland: image of the small town of Gruyères

Among the various delights of Swiss gastronomy, cheese fondue and raclette stand out. You can taste them in many of the country’s typical restaurants, but, without a doubt, nothing compares to eating them in Guyères, one of the most beautiful towns in Switzerland and birthplace of the cheese of the same name. Located on a small hill, do not hesitate to take a pleasant walk through its cobbled streets. You will discover Gruyères Castle, the Maison de Gruyère and the cheese factory, where you will be able to see up close the entire process and how it is made.

10. Enjoy exceptional panoramic views

Honeymoon in Switzerland: Stunning panoramic views from the Harder Kulm viewing point

The Swiss Alps are truly impressive, as I’m sure you already know. But if you want to see them in all their splendor during your honeymoon in Switzerland, pay attention to this tour: from Interlaken, a Swiss commune in the canton of Bern, take a funicular to Harder Kulm. Located at 1,322 meters above sea level, the views from its viewpoint are truly impressive. You won’t be able to stop taking photos of everything around you!

What do you think of these plans to enjoy a romantic honeymoon in Switzerland? Located in the heart of Europe, you will surely fall in love with its beauty, as will all its possibilities. And there is a lot to see and do in Switzerland during your honeymoon! Do you want to pack your bags now?

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