The woman accused of killing her partner with laxatives claims that she died from an infection in a needle in the line

The woman accused of killing her partner with laxatives claims that she died from an infection in a needle in the line

The woman accused of killing her partner after allegedly giving him large quantities of laxatives has denied the facts this Monday in the trial that is being continued against her today by a popular jury –“I haven’t done it, I bought them for myself“, he has declared – and has maintained that he died from an infection in the needle of the IV that was placed in the hospital to administer food. Likewise, he has stated that “I had his authorization” to use his bank accounts.

The woman, of 49 years when the relationship began, she is accused of managing in the summer of 2020 to his partner, Salvador, a 68-year-old widower who had been diagnosed with several medical disorders, laxatives without his knowledge. The patient was admitted in September of the same year and spent four days in the intensive care unit. Upon returning home, Mari Carmen, according to her prosecutor’s account, continued to give them to him, which caused a new admission in which she continued to administer them even though she was aware that they could cause her death. During the time of hospitalization until his death, he purchased more than a thousand Dulcolaxo tablets, more than 500 units of Evacuol and another 500 of Seguril..

The victim developed functional and refractory chronic diarrhea to any treatment and dehydration and progressive deterioration until she died on April 16, 2021 from severe septic shock caused by “complications secondary to the diarrheal condition that the defendant presented caused by the continued administration of laxatives.”

Furthermore, between October 2020 and until the man’s death, the defendant would have made up to 152 withdrawals of money from the victim’s checking accounts and purchases with the man’s credit cards. worth more than 120,000 euros. He would also have requested two loans in the name of the patient, which he would have signed over the telephone, simulating the man’s intervention.

Due to these facts, the Prosecutor’s Office initially requests a total of 28 years in prison – 23 years for the crime of murder and another five years and three months for fraud and falsehood-, just like him payment of 30,000 euros to each of his two children. For their part, the private accusations, which represent the children of the deceased, raise the sentence request to 31 years and the defense requests free acquittal.

The prosecutor has indicated that Salvador was “economically well-situated” and although “delicate” – he had a recognized permanent disability, suffered from diabetes and had suffered strokes – he led “a peaceful life of optimal quality”, unlike the accused, 19 years younger and who “did not have paid work or income of her own.”

Thus, he stated that in the hospital they did all kinds of tests to determine the cause and alleviate the diarrhea, but “they did not find out because they did not know that they were giving him deadly laxatives: without diarrhea there would not have been multiple organ failure and without laxatives there would not have been there would have been diarrhea.” He has assured that the accused “he was lucky with his plan” because “these products are very difficult to detect because they are quickly eliminated”.

For their part, the private accusations have indicated that the woman first “familiarly and socially isolated” her partner and when he was already in this situation “of lack of protection, she gave him laxatives that ended his life and emptied his accounts.” What’s more, she has assured that “It is not the first time he did it: With a previous partner he did the same thing and repeated it with a third person.” “She is an absolute predator,” they have maintained.


On the other hand, the defense – on duty because he assures that his client does not have the money to pay a private fee – has indicated that his client “has been prejudged in the media by a distorted version of the accusation”: “It would be a very good movie, “It is not based on real events, they are absolute fiction.” “Mari Carmen enters a wealthy family with barely any finances and with her children, Salvador pays them everything and her family was so ambitious that they will never be able to take it on.”he has reproached.

For her part, the accused, who has only responded to her lawyer, has assured that they were very in love, he even asked her to marry him when he was hospitalized. They started living in her house, but he March 14, 2020When confinement was declared due to the pandemic, they decided to move to his house in La Canyada. Salvador’s daughter and his granddaughter lived in an attached house on the same land.

Mari Carmen has defined Salvador as a man with a strong character – his phrase was ‘If I say so, it is’, she claims he said -, who went to therapy for alcoholism problems, who smoked more than two packs a day, did not He had a correct diet and did not drink water even for the pills, but he did drink many sweet drinks although they were contraindicated, even in the hospital he went down to the machines to get them. “Of course, I advised against it, but I couldn’t force him, especially with the character he had,” she stated.

When he was admitted for the first time, he said that he already had diarrhea and that “he got a little angry because they discharged him.” He was admitted a second time due to “a drop in blood pressure” and has stated that “the doctors themselves gave him laxatives because he did not go to the bathroom.” In addition, he explained that since it was “very difficult” to control his diet, they gave him an IV. The needle infection, he has pointed out, was what caused the sepsis that ended his life.

Mari Carmen has stated that she has been taking laxatives since she was 17 and that she increases her intake when she is nervous, such as during Salvador’s admission, which is why they have stopped working for her. She bought them at a pharmacy in Paterna, which warned her that this high consumption was dangerous. She has stressed that no one saw him give her laxatives nor did the hospital suspect her because she has “never” done it – she has said that the pills do not dissolve and he was reluctant to even take his medications and that she drank the entire bottles that have a very sweet taste – and that there were no remains in the toxicological report.


Likewise, she has stated that while she was admitted she took money from Salvador’s cards with his consent to continue paying the house staff and necessary purchases, also for her: “He was very capricious and a compulsive buyer, he made sure that he had luxuries, but always with your consent.” Furthermore, he has assured that he reviewed all of her transactions on her mobile phone daily. In fact, he has indicated that he has been harmed by her death: “It has been a sentimental and economic ruin“.

Mari Carmen has assured that Salvador and his daughter did not get along well and it was at a family meeting in which it was decided that “For the good of both of them, she left home with her granddaughter.” and he got along better with his son. She has testified that she did not prohibit him from receiving visitors at the hospital, but that Salvador did not want him to. She even acted as an intermediary for her daughter to stay. Likewise, she has maintained that the children were “jealous” and that Salvador changed the will and left everything to the grandchildren with an executor.

At the hearing, an instructor from the National Police testified, confirming through the tickets “the abusive purchase” of laxatives, sometimes up to two on the same day, during the time that Salvador was hospitalized. In addition, she sent the maid with cash to buy more. Likewise, she has stated that the intercepted telephone conversations show that he was “very kind,” while she “He has never told the truth.” to his friends and that during the time he was admitted he could not control his accounts because he did not use the telephone.

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