How many times a week is it normal to have sex at 50, experts answer

How many times a week is it normal to have sex at 50, experts answer

This is what experts advise about sexual relations after 50

Sexual life after 50 is transformed. It is clear that for women, the strongest change at the hormonal level comes with menopause, closely linked to various aspects of sexual life. According to a study carried out by Intimina, as a result of this, the frequency of sex decreases by 92% and satisfaction in 93%, while related problems appear in 44% of cases with vaginal drynessa decreased libido in 74% and with discomfort in sexual relations between 30%.

However, we suffer all these circumstances in silence, so to speak, and they are only three out of ten women who decide to ask for help, either to health professionals or sexologists, in the least of cases. However, women over 50 consider themselves much more experienced in sex and, therefore, enjoy it much more than women in their thirties, or at least, that is what this other study carried out by Gleeden revealed, in collaboration with the psychologist Laia Cadens, specialized in sexology, who interpreted that, contrary to what may seem from the previous data, “women with an age range between 51 and 60 years old have a higher level of arousal than those who are between 31 and 40″, and that is that “it is the stage in which they consolidate professionally, they are mothers and have many responsibilities, which causes priorities to be rearranged.”

Furthermore, this research reveals that women in this age group “have more orgasms, while those between 31-40 have the least.” This is probably due to the fact that “experience, self-knowledge, the search for sexual interests and motivations lead women to sexual empowerment and to find paths that enhance pleasure and orgasm,” says the psychologist in the study. .

Of course, something similar happens in men. Starting at 50, and with a higher incidence starting at 60, as a result of aging, men are also beginning to notice a decreased testosterone production, which results in a decrease in sexual desire, difficulties in achieving or maintaining an erection, the volume and force of ejaculation is also lower, which can reduce pleasure and the sense of masculinity. Experts say that even after 40 you can begin to notice some of these changes and it is best to treat them as soon as possible, both with professionals and by adapting healthy lifestyle habits to prevent them.

Insecurity at 50, key in sex

The physical changes that occur in our body, whether due to menopause or aging, can damage our self-esteem and consequently, cause us insecurity, something that is reflected in relationships, or even in dating after 50. In fact, the same Intimina study reveals that “six out of ten have noticed a difference in how dating has developed in 61 %, while 38% of those who have attended an appointment during menopause have not had sexual relations or have had less. The study also reflects that these women have noticed less self-confidence when going to appointments (35%).”

In fact, this insecurity is also present in their daily lives, with 58% of women stating that they have felt generalized changes in their self-confidence. “Every day more women have problems with their self-esteem and this does not decrease with menopause. The opposite happens, these problems increase. It is necessary a good sex education to be able to know how to deal with the changes that our body can experience before, during and after menopause,” says Selina Giacuzzo, Business Development Manager of the brand in her statements about the research.

Something very similar happens to men for the same reasons, feeling less masculine due to the appearance of problems in their sexual life, as well as the normal changes that come with aging take a toll on their intimate relationships.

How many times do you have sex after 50?

According to professionals at Boston Medical Group, experts in male sexual health, and as they explain on their website, in general, “relationships that begin to develop have a frequency of 1 or 2 times (up to 3) per day. Then the average drops to about 3 times a week. Gradually, once every 15 days and up to once every 1 or 2 months.”

For its part, according to a study carried out by Dr. Harry Fisch, a urologist at the Presbyterian Hospital in New York, reported in the newspaper ABC in this article, couples between the ages of 20 and 30 usually have an average of three times sex a weekbut After 50, things change. and the number of sexual relations reduce to one or none per week. However, this study does not determine the number of times it is considered “normal” to have sex at the age of 50 because each couple is unique and different, and has different needs.

In any case, sexologists recommend focusing more on the quality of sexual relations than on the quantity of them per week or month, since “the frequency of sexual relations is not more important than the degree of increasing satisfaction achieved.” every time there is an encounter,” they add from Boston Medical on their website.

Tips to improve sex at 50

Under the premise that “sex should be enjoyed at any age” since it is closely linked to health in general due to its impact on “physical health and self-esteem”, some tips that can be satisfactory for sexual relations in people over 50, according to Mayo Clinic experts they are:

  • Communication with your partner: always something essential. Share needs, desires, problems… and be able to solve them openly and even with the help of a therapist.
  • Expand what you understand by sex: Sex is not only the action of penetration or intercourse but there is a whole world of affection, caresses, kisses… around that can also lead us to full satisfaction.
  • Modify your routines– Simple changes can help. Try changing schedules, dedicate more time to romance, look for other ways to connect sexually with your partner…
  • laugh together: It is more important than we think. A good relationship, trust and a sense of humor influence much more than we imagine.

To these tips, we can add the recommendations of sexologist Megwyn White, from Stisfyer, who explains in this article how incorporating sex toys can make these routine changes possible as well as “improve the function of a woman’s pelvic floor”, something essential to enjoy good sexual relations. Other tips she shares are “use lubricant generously to reduce discomfort during penetration” and confirms the importance of having a “open communication with your partner (sexual or formal) about the changes in desires.”

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