“It appears to be a murder-suicide”: Authorities find couple dead in northwest Harris County

"It appears to be a murder-suicide": Authorities find couple dead in northwest Harris County

Houston Texas- The Harris County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed the death of a couple during a possible homicide-suicide.

Precinct 5 officers responded at around 10:18 p.m. on May 14 to a welfare check in the 6200 block of Fox Chase Ct., northwest of the county.

An adult man and woman were found with gunshot wounds and no vital signs; Both were pronounced dead at the scene.

“It appears to be a murder-suicide.”Sheriff Ed Gonzalez reported.

The authorities found a weapon in the same place where the bodies were found.

How to avoid being persecuted?

Both women and men can suffer from being followed by someone suspicious when driving on the streets. The Houston Police offer some recommendations that you can take into account if you experience this type of incident:

  • Plan an escape route if you always use the same route to travel from your work to your home. If you have children, show them to them.
  • Have a keyword Among your closest relatives so that they know how to call the police when you say so.
  • Prevent minors from entering into the discussion with the suspect(s).
  • If you have a chance, seek help from technology experts to avoid harassment on social networks and the internet.
  • Always have your phone at hand with the location.
  • Find a safe place to staylike the house of a family member or friend.

What to do in case of a shooting?

If you face a shooting you should know that the three basic principles to survive are: run, hide and fight, according to the advice offered by the Houston Police Department.


JANUARY 2023 Nicaraguan Anggy Díaz, 21, was found decapitated on Wednesday, January 11, in the house where she lived with her husband, Jared Dicus, in Magnolia, Texas, a town north of Houston. Dicus confessed to being the author of the crime, described by authorities as “grotesque”, and was arrested on charges of murder.

Credit: Univision Archive


MARCH 2023 The body of Delmy Morales, 18, was found by her mother Juana Baldazo, in her bed with knife wounds, on Wednesday, March 15. His ex-partner and father of her 6-month-old baby, Walter López Ramírez, 18, was accused of the crime and arrested in Virginia.

Courtesy of Besy Ayala’s Family


APRIL 2023 As a hard-working, independent, loving and cheerful woman, this is how they remember Besy Ayala, who was 39 years old when she was found shot to death in her apartment on April 9. The victim, of Honduran origin, had four children and it was the youngest of them who found her body. Edwin Gerardo Galdámez-Alas, 29, Besy’s ex-boyfriend, was arrested and charged with her murder.

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JUNE 2023 Lesley Reyes, 19, is remembered by her parents as a bright and beautiful soul. The young woman was shot to death in the parking lot of the apartment where she lived with her family in Pasadena, southeast of Houston, on June 26. Lesley’s ex-boyfriend, identified as Juan Carlos Mata, 20, was identified as the perpetrator of the crime and while they were looking for him, he took his own life.


JULY 2023 Cynthia Camarillo, 38, is remembered by her close relatives as a responsible mother, very wise in doing things, who took great care of her children, independent and hard-working. She was shot to death on Thursday, July 20, outside her northeast Houston home while her 14-year-old son was inside. Santiago Vallejo Jr., the victim’s boyfriend, confessed that he shot her in a fit of jealousy.

Houston Police/Integrity Funeral Home


AUGUST 2023 Verónica Elizalde is remembered by her family and friends as a “gentle and kind person who did not deserve for something so horrible to happen to her.” She was killed on Sunday, August 6, in her home located at 6815 Airport Blvd, southeast of Houston. The crime came on the authorities’ radar a day later because she did not arrive at work and her co-workers asked for a well-being check. Juan José Trillo-Calvo, the victim’s husband, was accused of killing her, but he is a fugitive from her.

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AUGUST 2023 Wendy Guzmán, 21, her mother and friends remember her as a feisty, responsible, hard-working and charismatic young woman. She was murdered on Friday, August 18, and her own father, Rafael Antonio Hernández, was accused of the crime. Relatives of the young woman said that he was in love with her and saw her as her partner. The subject, of Salvadoran origin, is a fugitive and faces capital punishment.

Dignity Memorial/Funeral Home


SEPTEMBER 2023 Victoria Lynn Anderson, 34, is remembered by her family and friends as a very creative person, who liked all kinds of arts and crafts. She loved baking and decorating cakes and cookies, and she was especially talented as a makeup artist. She was shot to death on September 24 at her home in Kingwood, north of Houston, in front of her 3-year-old son, while she called 911 for help because her husband was threatening to shoot her. James Paul Anderson, 37, the victim’s husband, was charged with the murder. He was Head of the Special Education Department at Santa Fe Middle School.

Credit: Dignity Memorial/Funeral Home


SEPTEMBER 2023 Karly Kimberly Navarrete, 48, is remembered by her children as a loving, hard-working woman dedicated to her family. She died in the early morning of September 30 after being shot 10 times outside a home where she was moving during the divorce process, after being married for 30 years. Her husband, Ever Navarrete, 55, was accused of the murder and fled to El Salvador, his native country. However, he was captured and is in the process of being extradited to Houston to face trial.

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OCTOBER 2023 Courtney Grantom, 28, is remembered by family and friends as a very warm and welcoming person who could light up any room she entered. She was shot to death on October 1 outside a residence in the Cypressbrook community, northwest of Houston, while her father hugged her in the middle of a fight with her ex-partner, Devin Grantom. Devin, also 28, was charged with the murder.

Courtesy of Family Miriam Martínez


OCTOBER 2023 Miriam Martínez, 56, is remembered by her friends as a very hard-working, cheerful and helpful woman. She was shot in the head in her apartment where she lived southwest of Houston on Sunday, October 8 around 5 pm. Roger Betancourt-Castillo, the victim’s ex-boyfriend, was identified by witnesses as a suspect from the beginning, but it took the police almost a month to release this information. The subject is a fugitive.


NOVEMBER 2023 Idania Campos Muñoz, 21 years old, is remembered by her parents and sisters as a happy, hard-working, studious, diligent, responsible person who was always willing to help her family. The young woman’s body was found by her own father in the trunk of her car on Tuesday, November 28. Idania’s ex-boyfriend, Ariel Cruz, 19, was helping look for the young woman when she was reported missing, but later confessed to her crime.

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